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“What’s Next”

We, (Julieta & myself) are leaving August 23, 2017 for Toledo City, Cebu where I will be speaking at Pastor Frank Dela Cruz’s annual Fellowship of Zion Sunday Morning Service on August 27, 2017, and then traveling down to the Dumaguete area where Pastor Frank, Pastora Crestina, Pastor Mark Orot are preparing for a crusade on Sept. 1 or 2 where we look to feed and preach to some 3,000 souls.

We are praying, believing, speaking and proclaiming God’s Power and anointing upon this service and for every pastor and worker in this great movement to be elevated to their next step in their destiny walk with our Lord.

I believe with all of my heart that God’s moving on and in the Philippine Islands is in it’s infancy.  I believe that revival fires or beginning to burn bigger and brighter than ever.  I believe that the spirit of poverty that has hamstrung this great nation through whatever tricks and deception the devil has used will not only be broken but destroyed, one soul at a time, as believers begin to step out on faith and dare trying to “Out Giving Our Rich God.” To stretch out on the Word of God and lay hold on the Abundant Life that Jesus spoke of in John 10:10.

When I first arrived in the Philippines in 2012, shocked at the rampant poverty, I felt God’s Holy Spirit, speaking in my heart, saying, “The Spirit of Giving will break the spirit of poverty!” Since that day I have tried my best to live out this truth.  We have fed and preached to thousands, and thousands have found their way to God’s altar of repentance!  I have learned and am learning to reach down and give to those who are needier than myself with one hand while reaching up to receive God’s blessings in the other! The devil’s time is up with his kill, steal and destroy message that has wrapped it’s grimy hands around these precious souls.  I believe the treasures in those mountains from the north to the south and from the East to the West are loaded with riches yet to be discovered.

Please join with us and the millions of others who seek God’s very best for these precious souls!

Jim & Julieta


Footsoldier Ministries was founded in 1999.  The mission at that time was to reach the homeless and the very poor.  We set up our portable equipment under the overpass or wherever we could set up, preached, sung the gospel and fed the hungry in the Tampa Florida area.  In the  year of 2011 after some ten years of ministering to the homeless we were barred from under the overpass at 19th St. and Adamo Dr. and moved to the downtown area. After about eight months there the 2012 Republican Convention was heading for Tampa.  We then got the news that our tent had to be moved and we were on the move again.  With the authorities pushing us out of the downtown area we headed for the outskirts of the city to the Clair Mel area.  This put us out of touch with most of the homeless and very poor.

As you well know, when doors start closing it isn’t wise to go hunting for a crowbar; but you do look for another door to open…and this happened.  In 2012 I visited the Philippines and got connected with some of the most wonderful hard working ministers on earth.  Cooperating with these pastors, we started our feeding there just like in the US, but what a difference.  If we could feed 300, we gave out 300 tickets, then we had 300 there, if we could feed 500, we gave out 500 tickets, then we fed and preached to 500,  They were happy and coming to Jesus, we were happy and the community leaders were very grateful because we were concerned for, and feeding, their people.

Video from 2012 trip to the Philippines

Things have not changed.  Our mission has not changed but the borders have  increased.  At his writing I have made some seven trips to the Philippines.  Last year (2015) in the months of August and Sept. we preached to some 1,500 souls and about seven hundred souls came forward to pray for salvation.  Right now we are planning a meeting in Asturias, Cebu for March 11, 2016 and we plan to feed and to preach to some 3,000 souls.  Your prayers are much needed!

Well we went to Asturias and the meeting was great.  When I first arrived in Toledo City in 2012, I told the pastors there that hopefully one day we would have a five thousand soul feeding and preaching service…..and some continued to remind me of this statement.  So we made our next step from 1,000 which we did several times to plan a 3,000 soul feeding. With God’s help and much work by the Fellowship Voice of Zion ministers on March 11, 2016 we had well over 3,000 in attendance and an estimated 1,100 to 1,200 souls raised their hands and prayed the sinner’s prayer.

We also had another crusade in the Dumaguete, Negros area with Pastor Mark Orot where a 1,000 plus were fed  with music and preaching. Anestimated 400 or so souls came forward…what blessings!

This year, 2017 on March 25, we fed and preached to well over 5,000 souls at the Ace Binghay Soccer Field in Balamban, Cebu.  It was our 5th anniversary celebration and an estimated 2,500 plus came forward to open their hearts and pray the sinners prayer.

From there we went back to mountains in Southern Negros, with pastor Crestina Bourgh where in two services we reached approximately 600 to 800 souls, with 200 or more praying the sinners prayer.

I have now made approximately a dozen trips to that nation and together with the hard praying, fasting and working pastors we have seen some 7,000 souls come to the Lord….so blessed!

Right now we are planning an anniversary service for Pastor Frank & Pastora Dela Cruz on Sunday August 27, 2017 in Toledo City and another crusade in the Dumaguete Area with Pastor Crestina and Pastor Mark on Sept. 1, 2017….looking forward to a great time in the Lord!

Be Blessed!
Bro Jim

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